I’m currently blogging at the raw time of 5:52 am, and I have to admit, it’s a little painful.  My eyes are squinting, my mind a bit hazy, but suffice it to say I would feel unsettled not leaving you all with your weekend links.  So here’s hoping that you read them, ey?! ;)

As I mentioned I’m at the airport. While I worked a (gorgeous) wedding last night, today and the rest of the weekend will revolve around being with Trent’s family in his home town of Atlanta.  I’ll finally be meeting his brother, sister-in-law and their painfully adorable kiddos now that they’re back from living in Hong Kong. It’s been a long awaited moment, to say the least. Sort of feels like a missing piece of the puzzle finally found- meeting my guy’s brother/closest friend. So I’m thinking this will be a weekend that will go down in the books :) Bon voyage! and enjoy your weekend links.

+ In celebration of DOMA being dropped and Prop 8 being dismissed: these images are so lovely.

+ I am so trying this

+ Need a vacation? Me too. Look into these celebs as they lounge by the beach. Jealous.

+ I’ve become a tad bit obsessed with this blog

+ Whoever wonders how vegans get full, hasn’t tried THIS – that’s a lot of food, my friends

+ Ready to get inspired? Read one (or all) of these books

+ Absolutely making this next week

+ Having a love affair with this new trend, and I want to make my own!

+ Hey! I recognize this place.

+ Holy honeymoon. These images are awesome.

+ This is such a good read – not just for entrepreneurs, but for everyone

+ Kristen Belle holds my vote in this cute poll

+ Ladies! Read this. Thank me later.

+ Are you into this? I think it may be a little much.

+ Time for your app of the week! Use this to find yoga wherever you are

+ This is such a simple blog, but I am so addicted

+ OH MY GOD. I don’t know what else to say.

+ Definitely making these sometime soon, and then booking it straight to the dentist.

+ Also, as most of you know Google Reader is now resting in peace.  If you followed this blog by using that platform, don’t forget to follow me here by clicking “follow” at the top to keep up with the happenings day in and day out.  As always, thank you for your constant love and support by hanging out at my corner of the internet!

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