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(a little techy note for all of you: my wonderful blog host, Brad, is busy being awesome and doing a.. well.. we’ll call it a fall cleaning ;) of the site.  Ridding it of any possible bugs, glitches, and overall just making it a super happy, enjoyable place. Prevention is key, right?! We don’t need a repeat of what I went through last winter ;)  So, things may look a little different on the site today and through the weekend! – fonts, layouts, etc –  Thanks for understanding! xo)

Happy Friday, y’all!  This week has been pretty low key for the most part – well, depends on how you look at it ;) We were in LA this past weekend, and while Trent flew home on Sunday, I stayed until Monday. Jasper was with his Grammy and Papa, so an early morning trip to the suburbs to go and relieve them of puppy duty was totally mandatory. They are saints, let me tell you! Always taking Jasper for us when we have some plans that have come up. Well, we better soak it up, because come November, I’m going to have parents that live in Florida for the winter.  They did this for the first time last year – October through April, and this year it’s looking like November through April. Super sad. I see them generally once a week, so this is always such a major change. And for those of you who may be wondering about my dad, he has a chemo center down in Florida as well as a set of doctors who work with his main team over at Northwestern. So he’s still able to get his regular treatments, MRIs, etc.

As for the remainder of the week, it’s been a lot of editing and post processing, packaging up client orders, getting things organized around here, and prepping for a huge project that I’ve spoken about in earlier posts. BUT, before any of that happens, I’ve got your weekend links here for you! So, enjoy. And have a beautiful relaxing couple of days off. xo

+ In case you didn’t see my earlier posts, our place is famous! We are so humbled and grateful for all of the feedback we are getting on our labor of love.

+ This is beyond sweet. So touching.

+ My friend’s boyfriend showed me this video while we were staying with them in LA. I love it so much. I’ve become so much more aware (I hope it lasts) Want to take the challenge with me?

+ Ever go to Starbucks and order something because it sounds pretty, and not really knowing what it means? Well, here you go! This helped me big time.

+ You all know I can’t live without this. 13 ways to use the magical potion. 

+ I’ve become extremely obsessed with lifestyle books – and can’t get enough of this one and (especially) this one. 

+ We just watched this film this past weekend, and the acting is insane. Seriously, so good that it’ll make you squirm. (because, you know, the acting is … so human? You know what I mean!) Oh, and have I mentioned I’ve become seriously obsessed with Olivia Wilde?

+ Love this article. #realtalk

+ I know you all have probably heard this jam by now, but good lord, it’s my new favorite! Every time it hits the radio, I’m cranking up the volume and swayin’ back and forth.

+ Nerd alert! I cannot stop using this!

+ While we’re on the subject of music, Trent and I are kind of obsessing over these guys. Almost always have it playing in the car via Spotify.

+ Oh holy yum. And the website!? So great.

+ So I’ve started to take up running, with the high hopes of being able to refer to myself as a “mild long distance runner.” Meaning, I will probably max out at 10 miles to keep my joints healthy and happy.  If you’re interested in trying this out for yourself, this is the training program I’m going off of. 

+ This will give you one good belly laugh. It’s so true, by the way. #namaste

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