WHERE in the world do I even start with this!?  There’s so much I could say, but nobody likes a rambler. So I’ll go ahead and give you the cliff notes. But the thing is, it doesn’t do it justice. It’s hard to explain when something truly moves you and inspires you to do better.  Blogshop did that for me, and I think I speak on behalf of all of the amazing women who attended this weekend, that it did it for them, too.  I had been toying with the idea of attending for couple of years now – mainly because of my admiration towards Bri Emery of Designlovefest (they do not come any cuter than her, you guys) When I saw that it was coming to Chicago, I knew I had to pull the plug.  So without hesitation this time around, I handed over my money and did a little happy dance in my office.  I had known that Photoshop was something that I needed to get a handle on.. because really, a girl can only watch so many horrible youtube tutorials – amiright?  Now more than ever, with my love of blogging and capturing beautiful images growing by the second, understanding Photoshop is so crucial.

This was a weekend long workshop (that I almost missed due to FOUR plane rides being rerouted! Fort Myers to Chicago where we didn’t land due to weather / Chicago to Indiana deplaned / Indiana back to Chicago didn’t land again due to weather / Chicago to St Louis, where all flights were then of course, canceled.) Thankfully, my cousin picked me up in the Lou so I could get a few hours of comfortable sleep, and Trent grabbed me from the airport the next morning. I basically flew out of the car and into By the Barkers Studio where this workshop was held.  Only 10 minutes late! Boo-yah.  (so much for not rambling)


This studio is a forced to be reckoned with, and I’m fairly certain that evert single person in that room wished that they either a) lived there, b) worked there, or c) all of the above — I’m with C.

The first day was a seven hour day filled with helpful knowledge, good music, a mimosa, amazing food and sweets, SMILEBOOTH! (those images to come soon) and creativity pouring out of each and every one of our souls.  Its so true what they say about your daily environment. That room alone and being surrounded by so many inspiring women just wanting to leave a mark in this world – preferably creatively ;) was enough to make my heart want to burst.  The second day was 7.5 hours reviewing some of the things we had learned the previous day, (along with some more delicious food and good jams) as well as some new things that had most of us mind blown. Often yelling out over Bri and Angela with a loud “WHAAAAT?!” or “OH. MY. GOD.”

Because the thing is, they saved each and every one of us SO MUCH TIME in our creative process. And how precious is time!? It’s everything!  Blogging can now be about creating and pushing out original, lovely content.  It no longer has to be a race against the clock, feeling guilty that we haven’t played with our puppy all day long, or oops.. we forgot to eat, again.   So in hindsight, they did way more than teach us how to use Photoshop to our advantage – they taught us how to balance our lives.

I was so sad when it was over, yet so thankful to have met some new friends for keeping.  It’s truly a weekend that I will never forget.  xx

  • Jenna

    So jealous!!!! I’ve heard such great things about that class. One day… one day I’ll take it!!!