july 29th, 2014


Just a simple reminder today. I’m off to San Francisco to snuggle my nephews and to celebrate Soren turning three. While I’ve been navigating through these life changes and have been trying to figure out what it is that I need to be genuinely happy and fulfilled to the best of my ability, I stumbled across this statement and thought it was so true. It’s extremely hard to rely on others when we need some help… whether it’s because maybe we feel like we’re inconveniencing the ones we love, or simply because of our pride — but it is so gratifying when you do. Letting people in is the recipe for success, and the solution to finding happiness. Remember that quote, “happiness is only real when shared?”

I hope this resonates with some of you.  Happy Tuesday, babes. xoxo

july 28th, 2014


I had been looking forward to this wedding pretty much the minute I received an email from Lauren confirming that she and David wanted to hire me.  At first it was because I had been dying to photograph over at Prairie Production in the West Loop – the space is right up my alley… stark white everything, beautiful light fixtures, white brick walls, floor to ceiling windows.. the whole shebang.  Then, once I actually met Lauren and David for their engagement session (they were living in Los Angeles at the time) I was hooked. I knew this was a perfect fit. The bonus? Lauren’s parents came along and we even took some family photos at the very end!  It was such a blast spending the afternoon with these two over on Oak Street Beach.. so much so that when Lauren and David came into town for some wedding planning preparations, I was sure to snag them up for a lunch date.  As if that wasn’t enough, since Trent and I have been out in Los Angeles this summer, I invaded Lauren’s office and we walked around Abbot Kinney in Venice and had yet another lunch date.  She treated me like more than just one of her vendors – she treated me as a friend.. and that’s exactly what I consider her. My friend.   Continue reading

july 25th, 2014


I’m not even sure where to start when it comes to Emily and Daniel. The moment I met them (last fall in Wicker Park for their engagement session - they came all the way from Minnesota!) was a defining moment for me in my career. I was becoming more and more busy in this job that I love, and I realized: I want to work with people who make me feel GOOD, who make me laugh, and who make me feel genuinely appreciated.  I want to feel like a friendship is possible beyond their wedding day, and I saw that instantly within Emily and Daniel. They began to change the way I looked at booking clients, and I’m forever grateful for that – because not only has this way of thinking changed my life, but it’s changed my work. It’s become more personal, more organic, and more about individual, real love.. and less about what other poses and trends I’m seeing out on the internet.  So E & D, I owe you one ;)  Continue reading

july 23rd, 2014



I am so thrilled and humbled to have my work featured inside Smitten’s gorgeous magazine. Volume 11 is out now, and you can order your copy here!

Or you can read the digital issue online for free, here.

Thank you so much to my dear friends over at Natural Beauties Floral for helping bring this vision to life and making it such a labor of love, and to the Smitten Magazine team for believing in and falling in love with our shoot as much as we did! xo

july 22nd, 2014


I am over the moon to be able to share these images with all of you. It’s no secret that I love these friends of mine (you can see by looking here and here) but I’ll go ahead and say that all again – because when one of your best friends has a baby, something magical happens. You grow to love them even more, even when you didn’t think that was possible.  Not only is my girl Jamie strong, beautiful, brave and already so connected and passionate about her role as a mother, but hearing the stories about how Mike supported her bedside during labor, and watching him support her every day before that, it’s just so evident that I have some seriously amazing friends in my life.   Continue reading