october 25th, 2014



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october 22nd, 2014

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Last week, I was asked to photograph an editorial for The Everygirl and Old Navy – what an honor. t’s been so much fun collaborating with this amazing website, and I’m so grateful to the wonderful, creative people I’ve met along the way.  

The gorgeous girl featured in this post is Kelly from Kelly in the City – an amazing fashion / style blog that I highly recommend you check out. Oh, and if you’re a dog lover (or just a human being) you don’t want to miss out on her dog, Noodle’s, personal Instagram account. It’s everything. 

Check out the full feature on The Everygirl!  (and scroll down to see some extra images from the shoot) xx

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october 21st, 2014


Sweet baby Ila… the beautiful result of the most magical session that I’ve ever photographed.  I was so anxious to check in on her – to see how much she had grown within the two weeks since she came into the world. To see if she still looked the same… perfect and pink with those chubby cheeks. I was anxious to see Amy and Neil, too.  To find out how they were doing, adapting to having new life within their walls, and to give them both tight hugs.  Amy’s little sister, Mary, texted me later that day asking a great question – “Do you feel like you have this connection to Ila? Since you saw her come into the world?”  I actually hadn’t given much thought to it until that moment, but the answer is in some ways, yes. With both Ila and her parents.  

All three of them let me in on a life changing event, and I will feel forever grateful to them for that. And I will continue to wish for nothing but amazing things, positive energy and growth for all of them.  So with that being said, welcome to the world “Ila B!” (as her parents sweetly call her)  You are so loved, so cozy, so beautiful. I’m so happy to have met you. xo Continue reading

october 20th, 2014


Oy. Where to begin?! First of all, what a treat to be able to travel to such a magical, beautiful place to photograph the wedding of a family friend. Really, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Oh! But wait! When your mom is invited to said wedding and you both get to fly out together, and rent a house in the sleepy town of Estes Park and have a four day sleepover.. well, I suppose it does sweeten the deal even more ;) I’m so grateful to Kelsey and Nate for believing in me so much as a photographer (and friend) – enough to find me worthy of including me in all of the festivities throughout our stay. It was such an unbelievable honor to be able to do this for Kelsey and Nate, and for their amazing families.  Continue reading

october 17th, 2014


One of the perks of my job is being able to stay in close contact with my clients over the years. It’s truly a gratifying feeling when emails come in around the same time each year from families you’ve photographed in the past.  It feels like meeting up with old friends each time, and that’s exactly what I consider Terri and Nick… my friends.  We met up early in the morning last weekend to document the steady growth of their adorable baby Henry. How he’s already six months is beyond me! It feels like yesterday we were taking his newborn photos in the comfort of their home. He already has this little personality that makes it near impossible to have a bad day. Smiling from ear to ear, so go with the flow.. its no wonder considering his parents are exactly the same way. ;)

Terri and Nick (and Henry, Shea and Mr. Handsome.. of course) you know how much I love you! xo  Continue reading