Well, the first post of the AMA (ask me anything) segment is up and running today! This question is such a great one for wedding photographers just beginning their business. Few things more scary in the beginning than trying to streamline your way through a virtual relationship with potential clients. I remember – I’ve been there. Here is this week’s question:

Dear Cassandra,

Could you explain your process in meeting with brides and grooms? Do you have a consultation with them first? What information do you need from them in the beginning? I love your blog and admire your work, so I just HAD to take advantage of this “AMA” opportunity ;)

Grateful for Any Help  Continue reading


Clearly I can’t get enough of these ;) It’s such a fun way to be able to meet and reconnect with clients, and to ensure you get some updated photos in a quick amount of time. No muss, no fuss — just lots of fun and even more magic. These slots will go fast – so be sure to send an email over to me as soon as possible to secure your session!


Terms & conditions: These sessions may not be redeemed for an a la carte engagement session for current Cassandra Photo wedding clients.



I’m so excited about this new segment that I’m going to be showcasing on the blog here and there.  Over the years, I’ve gotten some questions regarding my business, alongside some other random questions – but mainly centered around my business and my experience as a wedding and lifestyle photographer.  Instead of just answering these emails (majority of the time I’m answering them time and time again since they’re frequently asked questions) I thought I would start posting them to the blog, anonymously.

If you have a question that you’d like to see answered, please don’t hesitate to email me!  All you have to do is send it over to with the subject line reading: “AMA: your topic” I will be sure to post your question in a timely manner, and of course send you the link to let you know your question has been answered! To keep your anonymity, please feel free to create a name. (example: if you are writing because you feel stuck in a rut with your work, your name could be “Feeling Stuck” – simple as that) :)

Some example subjects:

- Planning advice for your wedding
- Creating your timeline
- Starting your business
- Keeping up with your business
- Personal life / work life balance
- Creating honestly and with passion
- Budgeting
- Post work advice
- Camera questions (keep in mind I’m a Canon girl!)

The options are endless – so lay it on me. I look forward to reading your questions and providing any sort of help that I can! And remember, while majority of the questions are business focused, feel free to ask anything that’s on your mind. xx