september 18th, 2014


I really never thought of myself as a destination photographer until this past year.  I’m not even really sure how it happened – booking weddings that weren’t in Chicago, but it happened all of a sudden.  I never thought I had the nerve for it – traveling with all of my gear, staying in hotels, breaking my routine that I have for myself back at home.. but I’ve really grown to love it. It’s an adventure, and it brings me out of my comfort zone. Something I’m actually enjoying.

A couple of weeks ago, I was shooing in the beautiful wide open spaces of Montana. Mountains, big blue skies, gorgeous Evergreens as tall as my neck would allow me to see… this week, I’m in Colorado. I’m photographing a wedding in the cozy town of Estes Park – in a chateau in the mountains, no less. I feel really blessed that my clients trust me enough and value me enough to put me on a plane, host me up in a hotel, and share their day with me. It’s something even to this day, I still can’t quite wrap my brain around.

So far I’ve photographed the city of Paris, the great lakes of Michigan, the blue skies in Montana, the beaches of Florida, the mountains of Colorado – and on the horizon later this year… more beaches in Florida, and the warm sand in the Bahamas to welcome in 2015.  It’s safe to say that through all of this, I’ve cured my fear of flying ;)

I’ll see you all back here on Monday. Have a lovely weekend! xx

september 17th, 2014


One of the things I promised myself, well into a couple years of blogging, is that I would get personal, but I would try to dictate what was appropriate to share, and what fell on the line of an “overshare.” When my dad fell ill with cancer, and I vocalized to both him and my mom how healing it was, in a way, for me to be open and forthcoming about my emotions and the process of having a parent battling cancer, I knew this was something that I needed to continue to write about. Both for myself, and also as a hope to help others. We all know that there ere are millions and millions of victims who go through this horrible battle- either themselves or alongside a parent, sibling, friend, what have you.  When he died, this not only remained the same, but it heightened my desire to share the raw emotions, the changes, the things no one prepares you for, and just how down right unfair and awful this whole process is.. the process of losing a parent.  (and losing a parent so young)  Continue reading

september 15th, 2014


Happy Monday!  Always a lovely way to wake up:  finding some of your images on The Every Girl!  The bonus is that this article is actually super helpful. Coming from someone who can’t keep their beauty products organized for the life of her… I now know what I’m doing with my Monday afternoon! ;)

Click here to see the full article and to catch a glimpse of my work gracing their pages. So honored. Have a great start to the week, babes! xx

* cover image not my own

september 11th, 2014

_MG_9828 copy 2-2

^ I found this older photo, which has now become my “hair goal” photo. I shall look at it every time I’m tempted to chop it off! #shitgirlssay ^

Making: So. Much. Espresso. Trent and I recently stocked up on our cute little coffee tablets for our Nespresso and now that they have vanilla and caramel, I’m hooked. 2 a day, er’yday.
Cooking: Dinner at home every night, for the past two nights! (victory) and I just pulled out the crock pot because you know, it fell below 60 degrees today, so technically it’s fall.
Drinking: Green juice. My juicer is the bees knees. So easy to clean! It’s this one.
Reading: Thrive by Arianna Huffington, and it is so good.
Wanting: The weather to stay this way. Fall, I’m obsessed with you. I’m also wanting, if you couldn’t tell, for my hair to magically grow.
Looking: At Pinterest non stop these days for inspiration outside of the wedding photography world. I want to dip my hands into some new ventures, in addition to documenting vows. Editorial, commercial, products, etc. Bring it on.
Playing: A game that’s called, “talk on the phone more, text less.”  It’s awesome. Try it. ;)
Wishing: I could see Soren’s first soccer game in person today! I mean, that’s too cute to handle. It’s actually probably best that I don’t see this in person because I would just cry. Yeah, I’m that aunt.
Enjoying: Skype dates with my cousin Leanne who lives in Spain. So good for the soul.
Liking: How productive I’ve been this week. Lets hope this sticks, because having so much free time is my jam. I mean, it’s why I chose to work for myself in the first place!
Wondering: Where we’ll be living come summer 2015. It’s beyond strange to not know.
Loving: That football is back up and running, and my beloved NBA is on the horizon.
Hoping: That my sweet grandmother’s test results come back okay from the hospital. She’s dealing with some abdominal pain, and I love that woman so much it’s crazy. So certainly, I hope for her health. She’s a tough cookie, my gram.
Marveling: Over how huge the universe is. Yes, nerd alert. But ever since Trent and I went to the planetarium for my birthday, we can’t stop geeking out over it all. It’s just. so. crazy.
Needing: Some new ankle boots and fall sweaters. I gave all of my ill fitting ones away, so that’s my excuse! ;)
Smelling: Pumpkin candles. Yes, it happened. They’re everywhere.
Wearing: I wore boots today! I could not be happier to announce this.
Following: This blog, because that woman can write. She has completely made me miss the act of writing for peace of mind, rather than for work. So, here’s hoping that you’ll be seeing more of that around here in the coming months.
Noticing: How much more closet space I have now that the clutter and junk is gone. Oh, hallelujah.
Thinking: About those who lost their lives on this day, 13 years ago. Sending every ounce of love and peace to their family and friends. #neverforget
Feeling: Happy, a little stressed, so tired… those 7am wake up calls aren’t easy, my friends. Especially when you have nothing to wake up that early for! I’m a crazy person, I know this.
Bookmarking: Slow cooker recipes, starting now.
Opening: Birthday gifts. Still! It’s like the birthday that just keeps on giving.
Googling (this used to read “Giggling” but I think that’s a little lame, if I’m being honest): About nerve damage. Like, non stop.  I wore a horrible pair of shoes at my last wedding in Montana, and now have nerve damage in my left foot. Yep, part of it is numb. So awesome! ;)  It shot through my hands too, but thankfully that went away. Could be worse, could be worse.
Watching: The League (it’s back!!!) and we just started The Leftovers. Holy intense, but oh so good.

september 10th, 2014


Hi Cassandra!

My name is Dan and I discovered your work through my relatives, when I saw the pictures you posted from their family shoot. I must say I was beyond impressed with your work and I have a couple of more technical questions about how you work settings in your camera against what options there are in the editing world of Lightroom and Photoshop.

My question kind of revolves around your workflow. When you shoot, how are you exposing your shots? Do you tend to underexpose the shot, or try and get it just right? RAW format allows so much control, but I have heard of people under/over exposing shots to get a particular look when editing in Lightroom, and I was curious if this is also your approach.

When it comes to your ‘style’, is it something that took you a while to obtain? Or do you every once in a while apply a filter to an entire shoot to give it a specific look and feel for the subjects and location? Do you ever use your flash during outside shoots or are you letting the natural light take care of business?

My apologies if this is all over the place. I’ve always wanted to ask these kinds of questions to professional photographers out there, but I’ve been weary because none seem to have the welcoming arms you have with the willingness to listen/respond.

Thank you again for your time and keep up the amazing work!

Take care,
Dan   Continue reading