november 24th, 2014

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Today is one of those days. A heavy hearted kind of day. One where my emotions are trying to get the best of me. And where it would be so easy to curl up in a ball, I’m choosing to live the day, in full, alongside my mom.  Today marks what would have been 35 Keep Reading

november 21st, 2014


+ Have you heard of this website? I’m especially obsessed with the closet tours… (via The Coveteur) + My old vegetarian self loves this article on having a politically correct conversation with a non-meat eater. (via Hello Giggles) + Is anyone following this podcast? It’s getting so many good reviews I’m not sure I’ll be Keep Reading

november 20th, 2014


Things are moving slow around here lately, and that’s okay with me. As I mentioned in this post over here, I’ve been down for the count with my back. My chiropractor told me to try and walk around as much as I can, but I’m not to walk in the cold since the muscles tense Keep Reading