october 31st, 2014


Be still my heart. A dream has literally come true today. As a human being, I don’t need to tell you about goals. You know how important they are. They keep us hungry.. striving for more. They keep us from giving up, and they teach us about self encouragement, reliance, and the importance of working hard and not giving up on something that we believe in.. something that we really want.  For me, that has been to have my work displayed within Darling Magazine.  I have a couple of reasons for this: the first being that this magazine is unlike any other. It overflows with positivity, and was created for women all across the world as a reminder that each one of us has something to offer – that we all go through struggles, and that we all deserve to celebrate our triumphs. No matter our skin color, where we’re from, where we’re going, who we love, what we look like, what we do.. we’re all worth celebrating.  Their mission statement is something I read at least once a week, and it serves as a perfect reminder as to what I want to stand for in this life, and it always brings me back to center. Continue reading



It’s been quite a while since we added to the Cocktail Diaries installment! Last summer while we were living in LA, to be exact. But we’re back, and I’m happy to say that we have quite a few on the horizon, so stay tuned.. they’re good ;) As I mentioned in the first post, it’s so fun to watch Trent get crafty over at our trusty bar. He’s been spending more and more time researching, and I’m spending more and more time trying to convince him to write a craft cocktail cookbook! ha! Maybe one day..  

This cocktail comes at a perfect time with halloween just around the corner. I highly recommend whipping this up for your friends if you’re hosting a little party.  The bonus? It’s SUPER easy!  Scroll on down to find out what you need, and how to create The Fallen Harvest. xx  Continue reading

october 29th, 2014


The Tornabene’s are another family who lighten up my inbox year after year.  Jen always has a new “vibe” she’s going for with these images, and I’m always on board, 100%. I mean, truth be told, we could be shooting in an empty parking lot with banana peels all over the place, and they’d still make it look stunning.

Gianna is one of my favorite little kiddos on earth, too. Truly. I try to commit to memory all of the cute things she says to me each session, and of course I always end up forgetting a few.. but this year, I remember her looking at me and saying, “I love your mascara. I love your eyeliner. Do you wear make up?”  Last year, she loved my nail polish.. so it’s safe to say that she’s a girly girl, but.. girl knows how to PLAY and make leaf angels (see below) and jump off of high things ;) and keep her parents on their toes! So much energy this little one, but her energy is addicting and joyful. I just love her.   Continue reading

october 28th, 2014


So you’ll notice that the topics listed below for this round of taking stock are different. I decided to scrap some from the previous posts (here, here and here) and add a few of my own.  I felt like some of the others were a bit repetitive, difficult to answer, or just didn’t really make sense.  So for now, this little handmade list will do! So much has been going on as of late – little changes, work work work, lots of driving, not much sitting, etc. I’m trying to get a handle on all of my priorities, and I feel like I can see a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel ;) How has October been for you? Just as crazy? I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.. I swear something is up with the Universe this month. Maybe it’s prepping us for what’s bound to be a very peaceful November.. maybe? One can dream ;) 

Side note, listen to this playlist on Spotify immediately. It’s been my go-to and is somehow making me pound out work left and right.  Such a good mix. But if you live with someone, put in those headphones.. you’ll want to listen to the volume super loud. You’re welcome! xx  Continue reading

october 28th, 2014


It has been such a refreshing, fun journey adding some editorial work to my usual wedding routine.  Not that I dislike weddings! But you know, sometimes it can feel like you’re taking the same route home every single day. Adding a little “spice” wherever necessary, is always healthy. I needed some spice, you guys :) I’ve been making a huge effort on my end to try and put myself in the line of editorial the past month, and it’s so true what they say. Put out into the universe what you want, and the universe will give it to you.  Continue reading