july 22nd, 2014


I am over the moon to be able to share these images with all of you. It’s no secret that I love these friends of mine (you can see by looking here and here) but I’ll go ahead and say that all again – because when one of your best friends has a baby, something magical happens. You grow to love them even more, even when you didn’t think that was possible.  Not only is my girl Jamie strong, beautiful, brave and already so connected and passionate about her role as a mother, but hearing the stories about how Mike supported her bedside during labor, and watching him support her every day before that, it’s just so evident that I have some seriously amazing friends in my life.   Continue reading

july 18th, 2014


Happy Friday, babes!  It’s a good one over here – given that we’re still nestled in the country of beautiful Montana. There truly isn’t a bad view in sight, and the people are just as friendly as they come. Today I’m off to ride some horses alongside friends of ours while the rest of the family plays in the golf tournament that they hold each year.  Tonight is the rodeo where we head on over to watch the bull riders, have some drinks and listen to some good ole’ country music while rocking our cowboy boots ;)

I’ve been wanting (and meaning) to share this fun news with all of you from the moment I found out it would be happening, but life is crazy and I’ve had so many things I’ve needed to blog before this.  But today is the day! Remember my little feature over here a while back over on their pretty blog? Well the ladies who run Hearth Magazine were so sweet in thinking of me for a spread in their Volume 4 print issue which came out earlier this month! (it’s of this shoot!) When it arrived in the mail, I swear I was like a little child on Christmas morning. Ripping off the packaging as quickly as possible, as if I couldn’t believe that this could be real. My first ever spread (on some of the most beautiful paper I’ve ever felt, no less) alongside some extremely talented artists.  It was a good day, and it made me feel really proud of myself. A feeling I don’t allow myself to feel often enough.

So, there’s my fun, exciting news for this week!! :)  If you want to oder a copy (I totally recommend it – so many amazing stories and photographs grace this gorgeous magazine) click here.  It’s the perfect gift idea, too! Thank you for the support, friends!   Now onto your weekend links….


+ Ladies, did you know that what you put in your bag has the potential to save your life?

+ This girl knows design like no other.

+ Love this shop // wanting this & this :)

+ Don’t you hate when your birthday or Christmas is around the corner and people start asking you for ideas, and you come up blank? I started a board called “My Wish List” where I collect items that I love, and would love to own. Now, I can just send along this link, or pick & choose which items to share. Easy!

+ The infamous MK & A (you know, Full House?) styled a wedding dress, and its pretty phenomenal.

+ These seriously cute Kate Spade kitchen items make for one hell of a bridal shower or wedding gift.

+ Speaking of bridal showers – the prettiest one I’ve ever seen right here. Those floral initials!

july 17th, 2014


“I thought of my [father]. Thought of how in the last days of [his] life so many horrible things had happened. Small, horrible things. My [father's] whimsical, delirious babblings. The way [he] begged for something that wasn’t even mercy. For whatever it is that is less than mercy; for what we don’t even have a word for. Those were the worst days, I believed at the time, and yet the moment [he] died I’d have given anything to have them back. One small, horrible, glorious day after the other.”

- Wild, Cheryl Strayed

This excerpt from the book I’m reading popped out to me like neon letters on a bright white page. So true and so accurate. So painful and so honest. So real and to the core. It’s seven months today.. seven long, short, time consuming months since I sat next to my dad as he took his last breath. And while that was the worst and most traumatic time of my life, I’d do anything to bring it back. To bring him back. To say that I miss him is just barely scratching the surface, because it’s more than that. It’s so much more than that.

But since I’m not quite sure how else to articulate it, that will have to do. I miss him, every horrible, glorious day after the other.

july 16th, 2014


Back in 2012, I photographed Julie and Tom’s gorgeous Wilder Mansion wedding (which you can find here and here) – and like all of my clients, there’s a little voice in the back of your head as you wrap up your wedding day coverage wondering, “will I ever see them again?” You’re hopeful, and of course you stay in touch as best as you can – but you also have to respect their journeys, individual as they all are, and that not everyone finds it important to document different milestones in their lives beyond their wedding day.  Continue reading

july 15th, 2014

2014-05-09_0005 copy

These little guys are so good, I don’t even know what to do with myself when I run out.  Well, make more I guess! I almost always have these on hand, as they’re the perfect post-workout snack, or even great for a light breakfast on the go (paired with a banana and you’re golden) The best part? They’re so easy to make, and no baking is required.  Continue reading