october 20th, 2014


Oy. Where to begin?! First of all, what a treat to be able to travel to such a magical, beautiful place to photograph the wedding of a family friend. Really, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Oh! But wait! When your mom is invited to said wedding and you both get to fly out together, and rent a house in the sleepy town of Estes Park and have a four day sleepover.. well, I suppose it does sweeten the deal even more ;) I’m so grateful to Kelsey and Nate for believing in me so much as a photographer (and friend) – enough to find me worthy of including me in all of the festivities throughout our stay. It was such an unbelievable honor to be able to do this for Kelsey and Nate, and for their amazing families.  Continue reading

october 17th, 2014


One of the perks of my job is being able to stay in close contact with my clients over the years. It’s truly a gratifying feeling when emails come in around the same time each year from families you’ve photographed in the past.  It feels like meeting up with old friends each time, and that’s exactly what I consider Terri and Nick… my friends.  We met up early in the morning last weekend to document the steady growth of their adorable baby Henry. How he’s already six months is beyond me! It feels like yesterday we were taking his newborn photos in the comfort of their home. He already has this little personality that makes it near impossible to have a bad day. Smiling from ear to ear, so go with the flow.. its no wonder considering his parents are exactly the same way. ;)

Terri and Nick (and Henry, Shea and Mr. Handsome.. of course) you know how much I love you! xo  Continue reading

october 17th, 2014


Happy Friday! We (I) made it out alive. I don’t know about you, but this week has been CRAZY. I’m not sure if it’s something in the air or the moon is playing tricks on us, but it seems anyone I’ve crossed paths with is struggling with balancing work and play.  So much on the horizon keeping us all a little anxious, and so much to do “right now” that leaves us striving for peace of mind.  Continue reading

october 16th, 2014

IMG_1067 copy

I’ve been wanting to share this poem – message, if you will, for quite some time now. This past summer, my mom and I went to San Francisco to visit my sister during what was, and still remains, a difficult time for all of us. We knew we needed love, endless hugs, and that feeling of someone else truly understanding the grieving process right alongside us.  As we approach ten months tomorrow (how is that even possible?) since I lost my dad, I wanted to share an experience that we went through together.  Something that changed it all for me, and for the first time, even more so than talk therapy, allowed me to release pain, hurt, sorrow, judgement, expectations, and the like.   Continue reading

october 13th, 2014


I’ve been photographing this family for years, and it’s always such a highlight in the midst of my busiest season (fall) to be welcomed with open arms, and tons of laughter (you know, the kind that makes you cry a little and has you hunched over? mm hmm.. that kind) Their kids just keep getting cuter, and Kristi and Andy keep getting sweeter.  I love being able to watch the littles grow up and develop into such awesome, small human beings. Dane and Quinn are adorable, both individually and together. I mean, just wait. So much goodness as you scroll down through this post, I swear. it.  Baby girl loves her big brother, and I pinch myself that part of my job is to make sure that those sweet moments are captured for Kristi and Andy to cherish forever. It’s just too good.

I also have to mention Kristi’s idea of making sure that she has photographs that capture her kids doing things they love.. or more specifically, their current favorite things.  For example: playing dress up and superheroes. The moment we set foot on the grounds of our photo location, Quinn was begging to put on her superhero dress, so you can imagine the pure joy and excitement when it came time to transition into some lifestyle portraits.  These kiddos lit up. They ran, they flew (thanks to their dad), they twirled (mostly Quinn ;) …they lived freely in their own creative minds, and I got lost in it all.. never putting down my camera for fear of missing magical moments. There were so many.  So with that being said, I won’t keep you any longer! Go see for yourselves.  Continue reading